Lifting Sides
The BOXX is constructed so that all, or half, of the front walls works like a tilta door. The doors are operated by four powerful gas struts which enable easy open and shut. Once open the tilta doors become a sunshade or rain shelter. There are custom-designed safety wedges on either door to prevent the door from falling in the unlikely event of a strut failure, ensuring complete safety.

Lockable Inside
The BOXX has been made very secure to ensure the protection of your valuables. The two tilta doors are lockable from the inside with shackles, making it very easy and practical to use – as well as practically impenetrable. Our unique outer lock-box system makes it impossible to cut through or remove the padlock without the key.

Delivery & Transportation
We can deliver your BOXX anywhere in mainland NZ. We also provide transportation services should you need to relocate your existing containers.

T: 021 280 4279